History of Illusions Internet Solutions

Illusions started out as a BBS in December of 1990. It was a single line system running WWIV software by Wayne Bell. Illusions was set up as a local gathering place to exchange messages with other people in the Valley. Soon it was connected to a message network called WWIVLink which consisted of about 400 other WWIV BBSs across the country that could send and receive messages and E-mail. Illusions became well known throughout the Arizona BBS community.

In early 1993, Illusions went through a face lift. The BBS software was changed to VBBS by Roland DeGraff. This allowed Illusions to go multi-line and support more message networks. Illusions entered the large network called FIDONET, as well as several smaller networks. Illusions became an Apogee distribution site at this time as well. Illusions became very busy.

In late 1994, Illusions switched to the MajorBBS by Galacticomm. This software allowed multi-line capabilities, but ended up being very hard for users to navigate, a decision that we regretted. As time went on and the Internet began to grow in popularity, local Bulletin Board Systems started losing appeal to computer users. Calls to Illusions dropped considerably. This continued until mid 1996.

Illusions upgraded software to Worldgroup by Galacticomm. This software allowed Illusions to become a full-featured Internet Service Provider. Illusions' mission became to offer full ISP services at competitive prices while providing Internet users of the Valley a warm place to call home. Illusions Internet Solutions provides the personal touches that accompany a BBS. This sets Illusions Internet Solutions apart from the faceless Internet.

As Illusions has grown, we've switched to Linux for the ISP operations. Wildcat! Win Server replaced Worldgroup as our BBS software, making Illusions BBS somewhat more user friendly and accessible from the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, the http protocol left so many users "hanging in space" that we had to discard it and investigate more user friendly software. We hope to have the discussion areas back up and running in the near future.

The company has grown and matured, the service upgraded to benefit our subscribers, but one thing remains unchanged. Illusions was conceived of a passion for computer interactive communications and community. Our goal is to provide great service at a reasonable price, but there's no reason everyone can't have a little fun along the way.

Along the way, in an effort to give back to the community, we started posting our solutions to various networking/security products. We have had great mentors over the years and we are honored to carry on that tradition.

Great businesses are built on strong relationships. It is our hope that our commitment to service will convince you that Works 4 Me should be your Internet service provider.

In July of 2005, we sold the illusions.com domain name and became Works 4 Me officially.

Dave & Carla Crowfoot

Owners, Works 4 Me