Biography of Dave Crowfoot

Dave Crowfoot

I have been invloved with all aspects for networking for nearly 20 years. My skills include Linux, Solaris, Cisco,
Windows and Novell. In addition I have 10 years experience with Checkpoint products.
I use VMware (ESX, Server, Workstation) and Xen extensively.

Much of my knownledge comes from hands on training and purposefully breaking things.
I find this type of learning serves me better than most classroom study and it is a lot more fun!
All of my solutions come from testing and breaking things to see what is the most effective method to a given problem.

I am adamant about giving back to the community that I belong to. I have had great mentors over the years.
To thank them, it is a honor and privilege for me to help others in the same way.
I believe that we are all teachers and students at the same time.

At present, I work for the State of Arizona as a security/network engineer.

I live in Buckeye, Arizona. When I'm not in front of a computer, I enjoy gardening and growing food.
My other interests include auto mechanics and medieval reenactment and full body armour sword fighting.
My wife and I vend at medieval and other eclectic events around Arizona.

I am also an aspiring chandler apprentice (Candle and Soap maker).
I am happily married and have 2 dogs, 8 cats, 4 horses and a small flock of pampered chickens.

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